Marsh Gentian, Gentiana pneumonanthe Family: Gentianaceae
Marsh Gentian     *     Gentiana pneumonanthe

Flowering time: August - September. Perennial.

Habitat: Rare and declining on damp acidic grassland, wet heaths and dune slacks. Scattered distribution, most recent records are from Dorset and Hampshire. Absent from Scotland and Ireland.
Nationally Scarce

Terminal spikes of bright-blue flowers with ascending lobes and five greenish stripes on the outer side. Blunt, linear leaves without a basal rosette.

The RDB micro moth Stenoptilia pneumonanthes feeds on Marsh Gentian but it is now considered extinct in UK, the last Dorset record being in 1967

Marsh Gentian, Gentiana pneumonanthe      

Marsh Gentian, Gentiana pneumonanthe
Studland, Dorset. August 2008

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