Petty Spurge, Euphorbia peplus Family: Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia peplus     *     Petty Spurge

Flowering time: April-November. Annual.

Habitat: Very common in gardens, on waste and arable land, roadsides and pavements. Less frequent in Scotland.

A hairless, upright plant, the yellow-green, 3-rayed umbels containing minute glands of crescent-shaped flowers. Leaves are stalked, untoothed and alternate.

Similar: Sun Spurge, E. helioscopia has larger, 5-rayed flower umbels.
Dwarf Spurge, E. exigua has unstalked leaves and smaller flowers. The fruit capsule is not keeled.

Petty Spurge, Euphorbia peplus
Petty Spurge, Euphorbia peplus
Holton Lee, Dorset. October 2012

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