Welted Thistle, Carduus crispus Family: Asteraceae
Carduus crispus     *     Welted Thistle

Flowering time: June - August. Biennial

Habitat: Common on rough grassland, roadsides, hedgebanks and waste ground on neutral to calcareous soils. Rare in N and W Scotland, occasional in SE Ireland.

Solitary or clustered reddish-purple flowerheads, the bracts are weakly spine-tipped. Achenes with simple pappus hairs. Spiny, pinnate leaves are cottony below. The erect, wavy stem with spine-tipped wings is cottony below the flower-heads. Height 30-120cm

Welted Thistle, Carduus crispus

Welted Thistle, Carduus crispus

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