Wild Thyme, Thymus polytrichus Family: Lamiaceae
Thymus polytrichus     *     Wild Thyme

Flowering time: May - September. Shrubby perennial

Habitat: Dry calcareous grasslands, rocks, heaths, dunes and mountainous areas. Common in suitable habitats in most of Britain except East Anglia.

Low-growing plant that forms dense, slightly aromatic mats. Small pink-purple flowers on erect stems above untoothed, evergreen leaves. Spreading growth, height 3-7cm.

Old, woody stems are sometimes host to Caloplaca stillicidorum (Caloplaca cerina var. chloroleuca)

Wild Thyme, Thymus polytrichus
Wild Thyme, Thymus polytrichus
The Purbecks, Dorset. June 2006

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