Great Willowherb, Epilobium hirsutum Family: Onagraceae
Epilobium hirsutum     *     Great Willowherb

Flowering time: June - September. Perennial

Habitat: Common on damp arable and waste ground, ditches and river banks but also found in drier areas. Throughout England, Wales and Ireland but less frequent and usually coastal in Scotland.

Large deep purple-pink flowers with notched petals and 4-lobed stigmas. A downy-hairy plant with stout, erect stems and stalkless, lanceolate leaves. Height 80-150cm

Similar: Hoary Willowherb, E. parviflorum. Shorter with smaller pale flowers

Great Willowherb, Epilobium hirsutum

Great Willowherb, Epilobium hirsutum
Dorset. August 2008

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