Hoary Mustard, Hirschfeldia incana Family: Brassicaceae
Hirschfeldia incana     *     Hoary Mustard

Flowering time: May - October. Annual or short-lived perennial

Habitat: Dry ground. Roadsides, waste ground, urban areas

Pale-yellow flowers that over-top the buds are followed by erect, adpressed fruit with a swollen beak containing a single seed. The leaves are greyish-green, deeply pinnately lobed with a larger terminal lobe, hairy beneath. Stems are white-pubescent below with short stiff hairs. To 1.2m

Similar: Black Mustard, Brassica nigra

Hoary Mustard, Hirschfeldia incana
Hoary Mustard, Hirschfeldia incana
Near Shell Bay, Dorset. September 2007

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