Sand Spurrey, Spergularia rubra Family: Caryophyllaceae
Spergularia rubra     *     Sand Spurrey

Flowering time: May - September. Annual

Habitat: Free-draining, open sand or gravel. The only Spergularia frequently found inland.

More/less prostrate branches with whorls of narrow, non-fleshy leaves ending in a short bristle and a silvery stipule at base of whorls. Deep-pink flowers, the petals shorter than the sepals, followed by unwinged seeds. Sepals and flowerstalks are +/- sticky-hairy. Height to 30cm

Similar: Lesser Sea-spurrey, S. marina and Greater Sea-spurrey

Sand Spurrey, Spergularia rubra

Sand Spurrey, Spergularia rubra
Canford Cliffs, Dorset. September 2007

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