Squinancywort, Asperula cynanchica Family: Rubiaceae
Asperula cynanchica     *     Squinancywort

Flowering time: June-September. Perennial.

Habitat: Calcareous ground; dunes, rocky grassland, sand-hills.

A slender, hairless, very variable plant with vanilla-scented small pinkish-white flowers with 4 petals. The fruit is a pair of slightly warted nutlets. Whorls of narrow linear-lanceolate leaves, the upper whorls with two long and two short leaves on branched 4-angled stems. Prostrate or sprawling growth habit, 10-25cm.

Squinancywort, Asperula cynanchica
Squinancywort, Asperula cynanchica
Badbury Rings, Dorset. August 2012

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