Hemp-agrimony, Eupatorium cannabinum Family: Asteraceae
Eupatorium cannabinum     *     Hemp-agrimony

Flowering time: July-September. Perennial

Habitat: Common in southern England and Wales in damp woodland, marshes and heaths, also on roadsides and waste ground. Less frequent in Ireland and mainly coastal in northern England and Scotland

A tall downy plant with branched, reddish stems bearing tiny red-pink flowers in large branched panicles. The basal leaves are obovate, stem leaves trifoliate with 3(-5) toothed leaflets. Height to 120cm.

Larvae of the Hemp-agrimony Plume moth, Adaina microdactyla feed in the stems, forming distinctive galls

Hemp-agrimony, Eupatorium cannabinum
Hemp-agrimony, Eupatorium cannabinum
Godlingston Hill, Dorset. October 2012

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