Punctelia borreri Parmeliaceae
Punctelia borreri

Growth type foliose
Chemistry: Cortex: K+ yellow. Medulla and soralia: C+ pinkish-red, P-

Occurs on well-lit nutrient-rich trees, sometimes found on coastal rocks. Increasing in range but prefers sunny, mild areas with low rainfall.

Blue-grey to greyish slightly notched lobes becoming brownish at tips, the small, punctiform pseudocyphellae becoming +/- sorediate. Lower surface black with simple rhizines not extending to margins. Apothecia are occasional, the discs reddish-brown.

Similar: P. subrudecta, pale brownish beneath lobes, medulla C+ red
Punctelia reddenda, under-surface black, medulla C-

Punctelia borreri

Punctelia borreri

Punctelia borreri, fertile
Punctelia borreri
Canford Cliffs and Sturminster Marshall, Dorset. March 2013 and 2014

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