Arthopyrenia saxicola Naetrocymbaceae
Naetrocymbe saxicola (Arthopyrenia saxicola)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative.

Infrequent, with a scattered distribution on exposed or sometimes shaded, hard limestone. BLS conservation evaluation: LC NS

The immersed or superficial, greyish-brown thallus is sometimes slightly mottled and is often discoloured by cyanobacteria. Small black perithecia are half to completely immersed, the spores hyaline, 1-septate, 19-20.5(-22) x 5-6.5 Ám. Pycnidia frequent. Photobiont Trentepohlia.

Similar: Porina linearis has 3-septate spores .

Arthopyrenia saxicola

Arthopyrenia saxicola
Arthopyrenia saxicola
On limestone, Portland, Dorset. February 2016

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