Physcia adscendens Physciaceae
Physcia adscendens

Growth type foliose
Chemical results: Cortex K+ yellow. Medulla K-

Common on nutrient-rich rocks, tombstones and cement, also on trees.
Lichenicolous fungi include Arthonia epiphyscia, Lichenoconium lichenicola and Lichenochora physciicola #

Thallus has small, pale-grey lobes with pale pseudocyphellae and long, marginal, black cilia. The lobe-tips are raised and become hood-shaped, inflating and bursting to reveal creamy-yellowish soredia. When fertile black apothecia are short-stalked and pruinose.
Host to the lichenicolous fungi also found on Physcia tenella

Similar: Physcia tenella

Physcia adscendens
Physcia adscendens
Studland, Dorset. October 2012

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