Andricus kollari, Marble Gall Hymenoptera: Cynipidae - gall wasp
Andricus kollari
Marble Gall

Agamic generation (Marble Gall) - photographs on Quercus, Oak
Agamic generation on Q. frainetteo, petraea, pontica, pubescens, robur
Sexual generation on Quercus cerris

Agamic - gall has single thick-walled chamber with white larva but additional chambers often present containing iniquilines. Most frequent on immature or stunted trees. Introduced (to Devon) from the Middle East in 1830s

Sexual - usually several elliptic or sausage-shaped bud galls with acute tips. Sexual galls and adults of A.lignicola, corruptrix, kollari are very difficult to separate

Andricus kollari, Marble Gall

Andricus kollari, Marble Gall
Andricus kollari, Marble Gall
Corfe Mullen, Dorset. August 2017

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