Lecanora Lecanoraceae
Lecanora sinuosa?

Correction: Photographs are probably of Lecanora chlarotera

Lecanora sinuosa is recorded from Netherlands, extent of distribution in British Isles uncertain. Mainly found on exposed, well-lit Quercus robur.
Chemical results: K+ yellow, C-, P-, UV-

Thick, verrucose, grey or whitish-grey thallus covered by raised warts. The pale to medium brown apothecia have thick, raised, +/- incurved margins. Hymenium +/- with tiny brown crystals, hypothecium with angular packets of crystals, 15-70 Ám large. Spores 13-17 x 7-5-9 Ám.
Belongs to the Lecanora subfusca group.


Lecanora ?
Brands Bay, Dorset. January 2013

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