Syzygospora physciacearum Basidiomycota. Tremellales: Syzygosporaceae
Heterocephalacria physciacearum (Syzygospora physciacearum) #

Lichenicolous fungus

Infrequently recorded on Physcia species including Physcia tenella, Phaeophyscia orbicularis and Physconia grisea.
BLS conservation evaluation: LC NS

Irregular whitish, pinkish or brown fruit bodies developing on the thallus or apothecial margins of the host. Basidia are (2-)3-4 spored, basidiospores ellipsoid to oval, 7.5-11 x 3.5-6.5 Ám.

Similar: Syzygospora bachmannii forms galls on Cladonia species. Tremella christiansenii is not yet recorded in GB but occurs on Physcia stellaris, P. tenella. Basidia +/- globose

Syzygospora physciacearum
Syzygospora physciacearum
East Stoke, Dorset. December 2015

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