Stigmella aurella-splendidissimella    

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Leaf mine on Raspberry, Rubus ideaus.

John Langmaid: "The mine of splendidissimella has a very thin central frass line. The mines with dispersed frass are always Stigmella aurella but aurella can itself sometimes have a thin frass line like that of splendidissimella; therefore a thin frass line could be either species.”

John Maclean: "All aurella leafmines with a thin frass line should be recorded as aurella/splendidissimella and if you want to record it as splendidissimella it needs to be bred through to adulthood and confirmed by dissection"

N.B. Stigmella splendidissimella has no living larvae December-April

Stigmella aurella/splendidissimella
Broadstone, Dorset. September 2016

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