Cladonia crispata Cladoniaceae
Cladonia crispata var. cetrariiformis

Primary thallus squamulose, secondary thallus fruticose
Chemical reactions negative, UV+ white

Can be common in lichen-rich heathland, bogs and on decaying tree trunks. Most frequent in the North and West.

The small basal squamules are followed by smooth, upright, irregularly branched brownish-grey to olive-brown podetia with open axils and pale reticulations. Podetia margins have narrow cups or finger-like extensions that can develop into one-sided tiers.

Similar: C. gracilis. Sparingly branched, axils closed. P+ red, UV-

Cladonia crispata

Cladonia crispata
Cladonia crispata
Studland heath, Dorset. June 2013

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