Cyrtidula quercus Incertae sedis
Cyrtidula quercus (Mycoporum quercus)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative

Common, usually occurs on young, smooth Oak twigs, occasional on Hazel.

Thallus immersed, sometimes discolouring the bark. Ascomata irregular in outline, with 1-6 locules. Spores becoming submuriform with (3-)4(-5) tranverse septa, (10-)12-18 4.5-7 m. Microscope photographs below.

Similar: C. hippocastani, rare or overlooked on Aspen. C. major, rare on Birch

Cyrtidula quercus

Microscope photograph
Cyrtidula quercus

Cyrtidula quercus
Cyrtidula quercus
On Oak and Hazel. Studland Heath, Dorset. March 2015

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