Arthonia elegans Arthoniaceae
Coniocarpon fallax (Arthonia elegans)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: Apothecia K+ red-purple

Found in sheltered woodland, usually on smooth bark of Hazel (Corylus).

Mosiac-forming immersed whitish-yellow or yellowish-brown thallus usually with delimiting orange-brown line. Linear, branched or stellate apothecia, purplish-brown, sometimes with red pruinose edges. Spores (2-)3-4(-5) septate with upper cell enlarged, (12-)14-19 4.5-7 m. Pycnidia absent. Microscope photograph below.

Can be confused with Arthonia cinnabarina and Arthonia radiata

Arthonia elegans

Microscope photograph
Arthonia elegans
Arthonia elegans
Studland Heath, Dorset. March 2015

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