Cyphelium sessile Caliciaceae
Cyphelium sessile #

Lichenicolous fungus on Pertusaria coccodes
Chemical results: Only those of the host
Left and immediately below identification by Bryan Edwards, Vince Giavarini

Usually found on Pertusaria coccodes on old, well-lit oaks. Occasionally recorded from Pertusaria amara and P. albescens

Apothecia sessile, not pruinose, the discs black. Spores brown, 1-septate, constricted at septum, (10-)12-15 x 6-9 Ám. Micros photo below.

Similar: Cyphelium inquinans. K+ yellow > red and larger spores

Cyphelium sessile

Cyphelium sessile

Microscope photograph
Cyphelium sessile, spores
Cyphelium sessile
On Pertusaria coccodes. Holton Lee, Dorset. March and April 2013

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