Caloplaca phlogina Teloschistaceae
Caloplaca phlogina (Polycauliona phlogina)

Growth type crustose. Identified by B Edwards
Chemical results: Thallus and soredia K-. Apothecia K+ red

Rare and declining, chiefly on mature Elm and Sycamore
BLS conservation evaluation: NE ?NS

Thin, smooth thallus, whitish-green to greenish-yellow thallus with circular pale greenish-yellow soralia. Apothecia with yellow discs, often white-pruinose, margin often esoridiate. Spores (9-)10-13 Ám, septum 3-4 Ám. Microscope photograph below.

The orange apothecia are Caloplaca ulcerosa

Caloplaca phlogina

Microscope photograph
Caloplaca phlogina
Caloplaca phlogina
On Oak. Upton Park, Dorset. January 2013

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