Eriocrania sangii Eriocraniidae    

ABH 2.008
B&F 12   *   Eriocrania sangii

Leaf mine photographs on Birch, Betula.

Wingspan: 9-14mm
Season: March-April, flies in sunshine

Food plant: Birch, Betula
Mine: April-May.
Mine starts by leaf margin then forms a blotch containing long strings of frass and a single, large grey larva.

Similar: 11 Eriocrania cicatricella has 2-4 white larvae in each mine.
13 Eriocrania semipurpurella has a single whitish larva

Eriocrania sangii

Eriocrania sangii

Eriocrania sangii, larva
Eriocrania sangii
Leaf mine on Birch, Betula. Canford Cliffs, Dorset. May 2013

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