Buff Tip, Phalera bucephala Notodontidae     Phalerinae

ABH 71.025
B&F 1994   *   Phalera bucephala   *   Buff Tip

Widespread, common
Wingspan: 42-55mm

Flight time: May-July
Habitat: Open woodland, scrub, hedges and gardens

Larvae feed communally on the leaves of deciduous trees, including sallows, Birch, Hazel, Oak, Alder and Lime

Buff Tip, Phalera bucephala

Buff Tip, Phalera bucephala, larva

Buff Tip, Phalera bucephala, larvae
Buff Tip, Phalera bucephala
Studland, Dorset. June 2013. Larvae September 2013 and 2014

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