Ectoedemia heringella Nepticulidae

ABH 4.088
B&F 36a   *   Ectoedemia heringella

Leaf mine photographs on Evergreen Oak, Quercus ilex.

Wingspan: c. 5-6mm
Season: June-July

Food plant: Evergreen Oak, Quercus ilex
Mine: November-April
Egg upperside, usually near vein. The gallery is strongly contorted and almost filled with frass. Leaves often have several mines present.

First recorded in the London area in 2002, now spreading throughout southern England.

Ectoedemia heringella

Ectoedemia heringella

Ectoedemia heringella
Leaf mine on Evergreen Oak, Quercus ilex. Dorset. March 2012 and December 2014

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