Stigmella salicis Nepticulidae

ABH 4.035
B&F 68   *   Stigmella salicis

Photographs on Goat Willow, Salix caprea and Bog-myrtle, Myrica gale.

Wingspan: 4-6mm
Season: Two generations, April-May and July-August

Food plant: Salix, prefers rough-leaved spp; S.caprea, S.aurita, S.cinerea. Also recorded on Bog-myrtle (Myrica gale). Photograph below
Mine: June-July and September-November
Egg on underside of leaf, usually near vein or margin. Mine can be variable, +/- contorted with broad frass, the gallery leading to a small blotch. Larva is amber with a brown head.

Similar: 70 Stigmella obliquella, on smooth leaved willows

Stigmella salicis

Stigmella salicis

Stigmella salicis on Myrica gale
Stigmella salicis
Leaf mines on Willow, Salix caprea and Bog-myrtle, Myrica gale. Studland, Dorset. August and September 2013

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