Stigmella floslactella Nepticulidae

ABH 4.032
B&F 75   *   Stigmella floslactella

Photographs: Leaf mines on Hazel (Corylus advenella). Sept 2011

Wingspan: 6mm
Season: Two generations, May and August

Food plants: Hazel (Corylus) and Hornbeam (Carpinus)
Mine: June-July and September-October
Egg underside of leaf in leaf axil. Initially a slender corridor, the first third almost filled by frass, then widening, the frass leaving clear margins.

Similar: Stigmella microtheriella

Stigmella floslactella

Stigmella floslactella

Stigmella floslactella
Parkstone, Dorset. September 2011

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