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A-Z Bryophytes: Mosses

Index is alphabetical by the scientific name but only lists species included in the website.
Clicking on the link opens a species page with details and photographs. Index updated 10.07.2021

  Plurocarp Hypnales Amblystegium serpens Creeping Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Polytrichales Atrichum undulatum Common Smoothcap
  Acrocarp Bryales Aulacomnium palustre Bog Groove-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Barbula unguiculata Bird's-claw Beard-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Brachythecium rutabulum Rough-stalked Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum argenteum Silver-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum barnesii
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum bornholmense
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum capillare Capillary Thread-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum dichotomum Bicoloured Bryum
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum pseudotriquetrum Marsh Bryum
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum radiculosum Wall Thread-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum rubens Crimson-tuber Thread-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum ruderale Pea Bryum
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum torquescens or capillare
  Acrocarp Bryales Bryum sp.
  Plurocarp Hypnales Calliergonella cuspidata Pointed Spear-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Campylopus introflexus Heath Star-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Campylopus pyriformis Dwarf Swan-neck Moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Ceratodon purpureus Redshank
  Plurocarp Hypnales Cryphaea heteromalla Lateral Cryphaea
  Plurocarp Hypnales Ctenidium molluscum Comb-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Dicranella heteromalla Silky Forklet-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Dicranella staphylina Field Forklet-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Dicranum scoparium Broom Fork-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Didymodon fallax False Beard-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Didymodon insulanus Cylindric Beard-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Didymodon luridus Dusky Beard-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Didymodon nicholsonii Nicholson's Beard-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Drepanocladus aduncus Knieff's Hook-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Encalypta streptocarpa Spiral Extinguisher-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Epipterygium tozeri Tozer's Thread-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Fissidens adianthoides Maidenhair Pocket-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Fissidens bryoides Lesser Pocket-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Fissidens dubius Rock Pocket-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Fissidens exilis Slender Pocket-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Fissidens taxifolius Common Pocket-moss
  Acrocarp Dicranales Fissidens viridulus Green Pocket-moss
  Acrocarp Funariales Funaria hygrometrica Bonfire Moss
  Acrocarp Grimmiales Grimmia pulvinata Grey-cushioned Grimmia
  Plurocarp Hypnales Homalothecium sericeum Silky Wall Feather-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Hypnum cupressiforme Cypress-leaved Plait-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Hypnum jutlandicum Heath Plait-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Hypnum lacunosum Great Plait-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Kindbergia praelonga Common Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Splachnales Leptobryum pyriforme Golden Thread-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Leptodictyum riparium Kneiff's Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Lewinskya affinis Wood Bristle-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Microeurhynchium pumilum Dwarf Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Mnium hornum Swan's-neck Thyme-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Neckera pumila Dwarf Neckera
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Orthotrichum affine Wood Bristle-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Orthotrichum anomalum Anomalous Bristle-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Orthotrichum diaphanum White-tipped Bristle-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Orthotrichum lyellii Lyell's Bristle-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Orthotrichum (Q pallens)
  Plurocarp Hypnales Oxyrrhynchium hians Swartz's Feather-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Oxyrrhynchium pumilum Dwarf Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Plagiomnium affine Many-fruited Thyme-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Plagiomnium rostratum Long-beaked Thyme-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Plagiomnium undulatum Hart's-tongue Thyme-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Plagiothecium denticulatum Dentated Silk-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Plagiothecium nemorale Woodsy Silk-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Plagiothecium sp.?
  Plurocarp Hypnales Pleurozium schreberi Red-stemmed Feather-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Plenogemma phyllantha Frizzled Pincushion
  Acrocarp Bryales Pohlia melanodon Pink-fruited Thread-moss
  Acrocarp Polytrichales Polytrichum commune Common Haircap
  Acrocarp Polytrichales Polytrichum formosum Bank Haircap
  Acrocarp Polytrichales Polytrichum juniperinum Juniper Haircap
  Plurocarp Hypnales Pseudoscleropodium purum Neat Feather-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans Elegant Silk-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Pulvigera lyellii Lyell's Bristle-moss
  Acrocarp Bryales Rhizomnium punctatum Dotted Thyme-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Rhynchostegiella tenella Tender Feather-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Rhynchostegium confertum Clustered Feathermoss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus Springy turf-moss
  Acrocarp Grimmiales Schistidium crassipilum Thickpoint Grimmia
  Sphagnum Sphagnales Sphagnum magellicum Magellanic Bog-moss
  Sphagnum Sphagnales Sphagnum sp.
  Acrocarp Pottiales Syntrichia intermedia Intermediate Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Syntrichia laevipila Small Hairy Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Syntrichia montana Intermediate Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Syntrichia papillosa Marble Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Syntrichia ruraliformis Sand-hill Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Syntrichia ruralis Great Hairy Screw-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Thamnobryum alopecurum Fox-tail Feather-moss
  Plurocarp Hypnales Thuidium tamariscinum Common Tamarisk-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Tortula marginata Bordered Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Tortula muralis Wall Screw-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Tortula truncata Common Pottia
  Acrocarp Dicranales Trichodon cylindricus Cylindric Ditrichum
  Acrocarp Pottiales Trichostomum brachydontium Variable Crisp-moss
  Acrocarp Pottiales Trichostomum crispulum Curly Crisp-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Ulota bruchii Bruch's Pincushion
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Ulota phyllantha Frizzled Pincushion
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Zygodon conoideus Lesser Yoke-moss
  Acrocarp Orthotrichales Zygodon viridissimus Green Yoke-moss

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