A-Z Plant galls and rusts     BY HOST PLANT:   Plant galls and rusts   Leaf-miner flies (Agromyzidae)   Lepidopteran leaf mines

Gall causers: Hemiptera - aphids, plant lice, scale insects

Aphis pomi Asterodiaspis sp Brachycolus cerastii Brachycolus cerastii Cacopsylla pruni Dysaphis crataegi (group) Myzus varians Myzus varians Psylla buxi Psyllopsis fraxini agg Thecabius Q Thecabius Q Trichochermes walkeri Trioza alacris Trioza centranthi Trioza galii Trioza galii Trioza remota Trioza remota Trioza vitreoradiata Uroleucon cirsii

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