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The British Lichen Society
The Lichenologist
Scottish Lichenology group
The Wessex Lichen Group

British Lichens
Alan Silverside's Lichen Pages
Lichen Ireland (Ulster Museum)
Irish Lichens
Biopix: Lichens
Association Française de Lichénologie
Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France
Lichenes maritimi Armoricae
Ways of Enlichenment - North America

Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland
Key to the species of Hysterographium, Hysterobrevium and Gloniopsis
BMS Key to Fungi occuring on Peltigera

University of Oslo: Lichen Photo Gallery
Icelandic Lichens
Russian electronic Lichen Herbarium
Leif Stridvall: Lichen gallery
Lichens of North America
Stephen Sharnoff: Lichen photographs
Pictures of Tropical lichens
Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
The Hidden Forest: Lichens
Lichens of the Azores
Lichens of Tibet
Myco-lich: Online Mycology - Lichenology of Iran
Macrolichens of North America
BLWG Distribution Atlas Lichens (Dutch)
Lichen photos from northern Catalonia
Nordic Lichen Society
Lichen Photo Gallery (Norwegian)

Trees for life: Lichens in the pinewoods at Glen Affric,
Coastal Hazelwoods and their Lichens,
The Lichen Ecology of Aspen Woods - A Preliminary Analysis
Lichens: Scottish National Heritage

Lichen microscopy
Microscopy primer (free download)
Microscopy-UK: microscopes and microscopy on the web

Natural History Museum: A guide to lichens on twigs (useful for beginners)
NHM Key to Nature: A key to common lichens on trees in England

Fungal Punk: Wildlife ID website
Key to Nature
Encyclopedia of Life
ARKive: British and Irish fungi and lichens
BioLib: Biological Library
Carl Farmer: Nature Notes from Argyll
Carl Farmer: Nature Notes from Skye
Treshnish Nature Log
Fungi and Lichen of Devon and Cornwall
Floral Images: Fungi and Lichens
Northern Ireland Fungus Group
British Mycological Society
Roger Philips: Rogers Mushrooms
Association of British Fungus Groups

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