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UK Moths
UK Lepidoptera
British Lepidoptera
UK Lepidoptera: Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, adult Butterflies and Moths
UK Leps: The life cycle of Butterflies and Moths
Dorset Moths
Northumberland Moths: Identification tips
Northumberland Moths - larval foodplants
Suffolk Moth Group: What's flying tonight? and Field Tips
Norfolk Moths
Hants Moths
Berkshire moths, resources - includes guide to Grass Moths
Lancashire Moths: Pug Identification
Montgomeryshire Moth Group
Garden Moth Scheme
Charlie Streets - moths of Calderdale
Gelechiid Recording Scheme

Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland
Moths Ireland
Irish Moths
Janis von Heyking: Butterflies and Moths (Swedish)
Janis von Heyking: Micro moth Photo gallery
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium
Flemish Entomological Society (Dutch)

British Leafminers
British Leafminers: mine keys
Leafminers of Europe (Dutch/English)
NHM: Leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects
Nottinghampshire leaf mines
UK Fly mines: Mines of British flies and other insects
British Bugs
Brian Elliot: Rearing leaf miners

ALS: Moth traps and Entomological Equipment - Building a Moth Trap
DIY Robinson moth trap
Watkins and Doncaster: Field Equipment
Paul Batty: Moth traps and accessories
Bioquip: Biological equipment supplies
B&S Entomological Services - The Net Suppliers

Butterfly Conservation (UK)
Irish Butterflies
Butterfly Ireland
British Dragonflies
Dragonfly Ireland
RHS: Plants for pollinators
British Bugs: Identification guide to UK Hemiptera

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