Gorse, Ulex europaeus Family: Fabaceae
Ulex europaeus     *     Gorse

Flowering time: All year, the peak flowering in April. Evergreen shrub.

Habitat: Drier acidic soils, grasslands, heaths and wood edges

The two-lipped yellow flowers are strongly coconut-scented. Very spiny shrub, the spines more deeply furrowed than those of Western or Dwarf Gorse. Young plants have tri-foliate leaflets.

Hybrids occur with Western Gorse, U. gallii and Dwarf Gorse, U. minor

Gorse, Ulex europaeus

Gorse, Ulex europaeus
Gorse, Ulex europaeus
Holton Lee and Studland Heath, Dorset. October 2012 and April 2013

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