Western Gorse, Ulex gallii Family: Fabaceae
Ulex gallii     *     Western Gorse

Flowering time: July-September. Evergreen shrub.

Habitat: Infertile acidic heaths, upland grasslands, sea cliffs and wasteground. Very common west of a line from Dorchester > Nottingham > Edinburgh and on the coast of East Anglia.

Golden-yellow flowers in lateral clusters on a low, spreading, spiny shrub, spines less grooved than those of Gorse/Furze, Ulex europaeus. Young plants have leaves with three leaflets (ternate). Height to 1.5m.

Intermediate between Gorse, U. europaeus and Dwarf Gorse, U. minor.

Western Gorse, Ulex gallii

Western Gorse, Ulex gallii
Western Gorse, Ulex gallii

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