Caloplaca cerinelloides Teloschistaceae
Athallia cerinelloides (Caloplaca cerinelloides)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: Thallus K-, apothecia K+ red

Rare but possibly under-recorded on dusty base-rich twigs of Buddleia, Fraxinus, Juglans, Populus tremula and Sambucus

Thallus is inconspicuous or absent with very small apothecia usually in small, crowded groups, the discs yellow or orange-yellow. Asci are 8-spored, the spores (85-)10-13(-15) x (5-)6-8(-9) m. Septum (25-)3.5-5(-6) m wide. Microscope photograph below.

Very similar: Caloplaca cerinella. Asci 12-16 spored

Caloplaca cerinelloides

Microscope photograph

Caloplaca cerinelloides
Parkstone, Dorset. January 2013

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