Caloplaca cerinella Teloschistaceae
Athallia cerinella (Caloplaca cerinella)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: Thallus K-, apothecia K+ red

Inconspicuous, mainly on twigs and small branches of Ash and Elder.

Very small pale yellow to orange apothecia with paler persistent margins. Thin, greyish thallus forms small patches or is +/- immersed. Asci (8-)12-16 spored, spores polarilocular, 10-13 x 6-7 Ám. Septum usually 3-5 Ám wide, 1/4 - 1/2 spore length. Microscope photograph below.

Similar: Caloplaca cerinelloides, small apothecia, 8-spored asci.
Caloplaca cerina larger apothecia with 8-spored asci.

Caloplaca cerinella

Microscope photograph
Caloplaca cerinella

Caloplaca cerinella
Caloplaca cerinella

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