Phoma foliaceiphila
Phoma foliaceiphila / Didymocyrtis foliaceiphila

Lichenicolous on Punctelia jeckeri

Conidia ellipsoid, biguttulate, with a small guttule near each apex,
(5-)5.8-7.1(-7.5) (2-)2.2-2.7(-3) m.
Length-width ratio (2-)2.4-3(-3.5) (Ertz et al. 2015).
Microscope photograph below.

Mainly recorded on Cladonia species but also recorded from Parmeliaceae including Parmelia sulcata, P. saxatilis, Punctelia spp.

Similar: Didymocyrtis cladoniicola also occurs on Cladonia but has slightly shorter conidia. Didymocyrtis melanelixiae is the most frequent on Parmeliacea, conidia broadly ellipsoid to subspherical, usually 1-guttulate

Phoma foliaceiphila

Microscope photograph
Phoma foliaceiphila
Didymocyrtis foliaceiphila anamorph (previously Phoma foliaceiphila
On Punctelia, Corfe Mullen, Dorset. February 2020

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