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Gall associates - iniquilines, parasites and predators

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Galls on Quercus
Andricus aries, Ram's-horn Gall Ormyrus nitidulus Ormyrus nitidulus Ormyrus nitidulus Synergus reinhardi (m) Synergus reinhardi (m)
Andricus curvator Torymus notatus Torymus notatus Torymus notatus Torymus notatus Torymus notatus
Andricus kollari, Marble Gall Synergus Synergus
Andricus lignicolus, Cola-nut Gall Q NOT Ceroptres clavicornis Q NOT Ceroptres clavicornis
Andricus quercuscalicis, Knopper Gall Cecidostiba Q semifascia Cecidostiba Q semifascia Cecidostiba Q semifascia Cecidostiba Q semifascia Mesopolobus Mesopolobus Mesopolobus Synergus ?nervosus Synergus ?nervosus Synergus ?nervosus
Andricus quercusradicis f agamic Synergus ? incrassatus Synergus ? incrassatus
Biorhiza pallida (sexual) Curculio villosus Curculio villosus Torymus flavipes, female Torymus flavipes, male Torymus flavipes, female
Callirhytis erythrocephala, agamic Sycophila biguttata Sycophila biguttata Sycophila biguttata Synergus Synergus
Plagiotrochus quercusilicis Pteromalidae, Mesopolobus tibialis Pteromalidae, Mesopolobus tibialis

Host: Dasineura acrophila galls on Fraxinus
Dasineura acrophila Macrolabis pavida Macrolabis pavida

Hosts: Rabdophaga galls on Salix
Rabdophaga albipennis Torymus Torymus Rabdophaga dubiosa Rabdophaga karschi Platygaster sp Platygaster sp Rabdophaga pierreana Encyrtidae q Encyrtidae q Rabdophaga rosaria Rabdophaga ?strobilina Rabdophaga ?strobilina Rabdophaga ?strobilina Pteromalidae, Gastrancistrus Pteromalidae, Gastrancistrus Q Eulophidae Q Eulophidae Q Eulophidae Q parasite or iniquiline Q parasite or iniquiline Rabdophaga saliciperda Platygastridae - Platygaster Platygastridae - Platygaster Rabdophaga salicis Pteromalidae Pteromalidae Rabdophaga ? nielsenii Platygastridae Platygastridae

Host: Semudobia skuhravae gall on Betula
Semudobia skuhravae Pteromalidae, Psilonotus adamas Pteromalidae, Psilonotus adamas Pteromalidae, Psilonotus adamas

Host: Pucciniales - rust fungi
Eudarluca caricis Eudarluca caricis Mycodiplosis larva on Puccinia behenis

Host: Clinodiplosis spp. (Cecidomyiidae)
Lestodiplosis, predator of Clinodiplosis cilicrus

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