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Gall associates - iniquilines, parasites and predators

Host: Andricus aries galls on Quercus
Andricus aries, Ram's-horn Gall Ormyrus nitidulus Ormyrus nitidulus Ormyrus nitidulus Synergus reinhardi (m) Synergus reinhardi (m)

Host: Andricus curvator galls on Quercus
Andricus curvator Torymus notatus Torymus notatus Torymus notatus Torymus notatus Torymus notatus

Host: Andricus kollari galls on Quercus
Andricus kollari, Marble Gall Synergus Synergus

Host: Andricus lignicola galls on Quercus
Andricus lignicolus, Cola-nut Gall Q NOT Ceroptres clavicornis Q NOT Ceroptres clavicornis

Host: Andricus quercuscalicis galls on Quercus
Andricus quercuscalicis, Knopper Gall Cecidostiba Q semifascia Cecidostiba Q semifascia Cecidostiba Q semifascia Cecidostiba Q semifascia Mesopolobus Mesopolobus Mesopolobus Synergus ?nervosus Synergus ?nervosus Synergus ?nervosus

Host: Andricus quercusradicis galls on Quercus
Andricus quercusradicis f agamic Synergus ? incrassatus Synergus ? incrassatus

Host: Callirhytis erythrocephala galls on Quercus
Callirhytis erythrocephala, agamic Sycophila biguttata Sycophila biguttata Sycophila biguttata Synergus Synergus

Hosts: Rabdophaga galls on Salix
Rabdophaga albipennis Torymus Torymus Rabdophaga dubiosa Rabdophaga karschi Platygaster sp Platygaster sp Rabdophaga pierreana Encyrtidae q Encyrtidae q Rabdophaga saliciperda Platygastridae - Platygaster Platygastridae - Platygaster Rabdophaga salicis Pteromalidae Pteromalidae Rabdophaga ? nielsenii Platygastridae Platygastridae

Host: Pucciniales - rust fungi
Eudarluca caricis Eudarluca caricis Mycodiplosis larva on Puccinia behenis

Host: Clinodiplosis spp. (Cecidomyiidae)
Lestodiplosis, predator of Clinodiplosis cilicrus

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