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Lichen - microscope images

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Microscope images of lichenicolous fungi (including lichenicolous Arthonia and Opegrapha sp.) have been included on the Lichenicolous page

Absconditella lignicola Absconditella lignicola Acarospora smaragdula Acarospora smaragdula Acrocordia cavata Acrocordia cavata Acrocordia conoidea Acrocordia conoidea Acrocordia gemmata Acrocordia gemmata Acrocordia salweyi Acrocordia salweyi Agonimia tristicula Agonimia tristicula Amandinea punctata Amandinea punctata, spores Anisomeridium biforme Anisomeridium biforme, spores Anisomeridium polypori Anisomeridium polypori Arthonia didyma Arthonia didyma Arthonia elegans Arthonia elegans Arthonia lapidicola Arthonia lapidicola Arthonia pruinata Arthonia pruinata, spores Arthonia punctiformis Arthonia punctiformis, spores Arthonia radiata Arthonia radiata, spores Arthonia spadicea Arthonia spadicea, spores Arthonia vinosa Arthonia vinosa Arthopyrenia analepta Arthopyrenia analepta, spores Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa Arthopyrenia punctiformis Arthopyrenia punctiformis

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Bacidia arceutina Bacidia arceutina Bacidia bagliettoana Bacidia bagliettoana Bacidia chloroticula Bacidia chloroticula Bacidia delicata Bacidia delicata Bacidia egenula Bacidia egenula Bacidia egenula Bacidia egenula Bacidia laurocerasi Bacidia laurocerasi Bacidia phacodes Bacidia phacodes Bacidia rubella Bacidia rubella Bagliettoa calciseda Bagliettoa calciseda Bilimbia sabuletorum Bilimbia sabuletorum Buellia aethelea Buellia aethelea Buellia badia Buellia badia Buellia griseovirens Buellia griseovirens Buellia ocellata Buellia ocellata Buellia schaereri Buellia schaereri

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Calicium glaucellum Calicium glaucellum, spores Caloplaca albolutescens Caloplaca albolutescens Caloplaca asserigena Caloplaca asserigena Caloplaca cerinella Caloplaca cerinella Caloplaca cerinelloides Caloplaca cerinelloides Caloplaca crenulatella Caloplaca crenulatella Caloplaca dalmatica Caloplaca dalmatica Caloplaca flavocitrina Caloplaca flavocitrina Caloplaca holocarpa sens str Caloplaca holocarpa sens str Caloplaca phlogina Caloplaca phlogina Caloplaca stillicidorum (C cerina v chloroleuca) Caloplaca stillicidorum (C cerina v chloroleuca) Caloplaca ulcerosa Caloplaca ulcerosa Candelariella vitellina Candelariella vitellina Catillaria atomarioides Catillaria atomarioides Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria chalybeia Catillaria lenticularis Catillaria lenticularis Catillaria nigroclavata Catillaria nigroclavata Clauzadea immersa Clauzadea immersa Clauzadea metzleri Clauzadea metzleri Clauzadea monticola Clauzadea monticola Cliostomum griffithii Cliostomum griffithii Collema auriforme Collema auriforme Collema tenax Collema tenax Corticifraga fuckelii Corticifraga fuckelii Cresponea premnea Cresponea premnea Cyphelium inquinans Cyphelium inquinans Cyphelium sessile Cyphelium sessile, ascospores Cyrtidula quercus Cyrtidula quercus Dimerella pineti Dimerella pineti Diploicia canescens Diploicia canescens Diplotomma alboatrum Diplotomma alboatrum, spores Diplotomma chlorophaeum Diplotomma chlorophaeum Diplotomma hedinii Diplotomma hedinii Diplotomma murorum Diplotomma murorum, spores Dirina massiliensis f massiliensis Dirina massiliensis f massiliensis Enterographa crassa Enterographa crassa Enterographa pitardii Enterographa pitardii Fellhaneropsis myrtillicola Fellhaneropsis myrtillicola, spores Fellhaneropsis vezdae Fellhaneropsis vezdae Fuscidea lightfootii Fuscidea lightfootii

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Graphina anguina Graphina anguina Graphis elegans Graphis elegans Graphis scripta Graphis scripta Gyalecta biformis Gyalecta biformis Gyalecta hypoleuca, Petractis hypoleuca Gyalecta hypoleuca, Petractis hypoleuca Gyalecta jenensis Gyalecta jenensis Halecania viridescens Halecania viridescens Homostegia piggotii Homostegia piggotii Hymenelia epulotica Hymenelia epulotica Hymenelia prevostii Hymenelia prevostii Hyperphyscia adglutinata Hyperphyscia adglutinata Lecanactis subabietina Lecanactis subabietina Lecania atrynoides Lecania atrynoides Lecania cyrtella Lecania cyrtella Lecania cyrtellina Lecania cyrtellina Lecania erysibe Lecania erysibe Lecania hutchinsiae Lecania hutchinsiae Lecania inundata Lecania inundata Lecania naegelii Lecania naegelii Lecania rabenhorstii Lecania rabenhorstii Lecania turicensis Lecania turicensis Lecanographa grumulosa Lecanographa grumulosa Lecanora chlarotera Lecanora chlarotera Lecanora conizaeoides Lecanora conizaeoides, spores Lecanora gangaleoides Lecanora gangaleoides Lecanora hybocarpa Lecanora hybocarpa Lecanora hybocarpa Lecanora hybocarpa Lecanora persimilis Lecanora persimilis Lecanora pulicaris Lecanora pulicaris Lecanora sarcopidoides Q Lecanora sarcopidoides Q Lecanora symmicta Lecanora symmicta Lecidea lichenicola Lecidea lichenicola Lecidella elaeochroma Lecidella elaeochroma Lecidella stigmatea Lecidella stigmatea Leptogium plicatile Leptogium plicatile Leptogium plicatile Leptogium turgidum Leptogium turgidum Leptorhaphis epidermidis Leptorhaphis epidermidis

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Melanohalea exasperata Melanohalea exasperata Melaspilea ochrothalamia Melaspilea ochrothalamia Micarea doliiformis Micarea doliiformis Micaria lignaria var lignaria Micaria lignaria var lignaria, spores micrococco Micarea micrococca Micarea nitschkeana Micarea nitschkeana Micarea peliocarpa Micarea peliocarpa Muellerella lichenicola Muellerella lichenicola, spores Mycoporum antecellens Mycoporum antecellens Myriospora rufescens Myriospora rufescens Myriospora smaragdula Myriospora smaragdula Ochrolechia parella Ochrolechia parella Opegrapha atra Opegrapha atra Opegrapha calcarea Opegrapha calcarea Opegrapha dolomitica Opegrapha dolomitica Opegrapha gyrocarpa Opegrapha gyrocarpa Opegrapha herbarum Opegrapha herbarum Opegrapha mougeotii Opegrapha mougeotii, spores Opegrapha niveoatra Opegrapha niveoatra Opegrapha ochrocheila Opegrapha ochrocheila Opegrapha physciaria Opegrapha physciaria Opegrapha prosodea Opegrapha prosodea Opegrapha rufescens Opegrapha rufescens Opegrapha rupestris Opegrapha rupestris Opegrapha saxigena Opegrapha saxigena Opegrapha sorediifera Opegrapha sorediifera Opegrapha varia Opegrapha varia Opegrapha vermicellifera Opegrapha vermicellifera Opegrapha vulgata Opegrapha vulgata Opegrapha xerica Opegrapha xerica

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Pachyphiale carneola Pachyphiale carneola Peltigera didactyla Peltigera didactyla Peltigera hymenina Peltigera hymenina Peltigera praetextata Peltigera praetextata Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria leioplaca Pertusaria leioplaca Petractis clausa Petractis clausa Petractis clausa Petractis clausa Petractis hypoleuca Petractis hypoleuca Petractis nodispora Petractis nodispora Petractis nodispora Petractis nodispora Phaeographis dentritica Phaeographis dentritica Phaeographis inusta Phaeographis inusta Phaeographis smithii Phaeographis smithii Phaeophyscia orbicularis Phaeophyscia orbicularis Physcia aipolia Physcia aipolia Physcia tenella Physcia tenella Physconia distorta Physconia distorta Placidium squamulosum Placidium squamulosum Placopyrenium fuscellum Placopyrenium fuscellum Placynthiella icmalea Placynthiella icmalea Placynthiella uliginosa Placynthiella uliginosa Placynthium nigrum Placynthium nigrum Polyblastia dermatodes Polyblastia dermatodes Polysporina simplex Polysporina simplex Porina aenea Porina aenea Porina borreri Porina borreri Porina byssophila Porina byssophila Porina chlorotica Porina chlorotica Porina ginzbergeri Porina ginzbergeri Porina leptalea Porina leptalea Porina linearis Porina linearis Porpidia platycarpoides Porpidia platycarpoides Protoblastenia incrustans Protoblastenia incrustans Protoblastenia calva Protoblastenia calva Protoblastenia lilacina Protoblastenia lilacina Psoroglaena stigonemoides Psoroglaena stigonemoides Pyrenula chlorospila Pyrenula chlorospila Pyrenula macrospora Pyrenula macrospora

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Ramalina fastigiata Ramalina fastigiata Rhizocarpon reductum Rhizocarpon reductum Rinodina biloculata Rinodina biloculata Rinodina bischoffii Rinodina bischoffii Rinodina oleae Rinodina oleae Rinodina roboris Rinodina roboris Rinodina sophodes Rinodina sophodes Roccella phycopsis Roccella phycopsis Sarcogyne regularis Sarcogyne regularis Scoliciosporum chlorococcum Scoliciosporum chlorococcum Stigmidium congestum Stigmidium congestum Strigula jamesii Strigula jamesii Strigula taylorii Strigula taylorii

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Thelidium decipiens Thelidium decipiens Thelidium decipiens (albino morph) Thelidium decipiens (albino morph) Thelidium incavatum Thelidium incavatum Thelidium papulare Thelidium papulare Thelidium pyrenophorum Thelidium pyrenophorum Thelocarpon laureri Thelocarpon laureri Toninia aromatica Toninia aromatica, spores Toninia subfuscae Toninia subfuscae Trapelia coarctata Trapelia coarctata Verrucaria calciseda Verrucaria calciseda Verrucaria dolosa Verrucaria dolosa Verrucaria fusconigrescens Verrucaria fusconigrescens, spores Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria murina Verrucaria murina Verrucaria ochrostoma Verrucaria ochrostoma Verrucaria squamulosa Verrucaria squamulosa Verrucaria Q Verrucaria Q Vezdaea aestivalis Vezdaea aestivalis Xanthoparmelia pulla Xanthoparmelia pulla, spores Xanthoria candelaria Xanthoria candelaria Xanthoria parietina Xanthoria parietina Xanthoria polycarpa Xanthoria polycarpa

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