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Crustose, placodioid and leprose lichens: P-Q

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Clicking on the lichen images opens a species page with photographs and details - images shown are not to scale.

Pachnolepia pruinata (Arthonia pruinata) Pachnolepia pruinata (Arthonia pruinata) Gyalecta carneola (Pachyphiale carneola) Parabagliettoa dufourii (Verrucaria dufourii) Parabagliettoa dufourii (Verrucaria dufourii) Paralecanographa grumulosa (Lecanographa grumulosa) Paralecanographa grumulosa (Lecanographa grumulosa) Lepra albescens (Pertusaria albescens) Lepra albescens var corallina (P. albescens v corallina) Lepra amara (Pertusaria amara) Pertusaria coccodes Pertusaria coccodes Lepra corallina (Pertusaria corallina) Varicellaria hemisphaerica (Pertusaria hemisphaerica) Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria leioplaca Pertusaria leioplaca Pertusaria multipuncta Pertusaria pseudocorallina Petractis clausa Petractis clausa Gyalecta hypoleuca (Petractis hypoleuca) Neopetractis nodispora (Petractis nodispora) Phacothecium varium (Opegrapha physciaria) Phaeographis dentritica Phaeographis dentritica Phaeographis inusta Phaeographis inusta Phaeographis smithii Phaeographis smithii Phlyctis agelaea Phlyctis agelaea Phlyctis argena Phlyctis argena Placidium squamulosum Placidium squamulosum Placopyrenium canellum Placopyrenium fuscellum Placopyrenium fuscellum Placynthiella dasaea Placynthiella icmalea Placynthiella icmalea Placynthiella icmalea Placynthiella uliginosa Placynthiella uliginosa Placynthium nigrum Placynthium nigrum Polyblastia dermatodes Polyblastia dermatodes Polycauliona phlogina (Caloplaca phlogina) Polycauliona phlogina (Caloplaca phlogina) Acarospora privigna (Polysporina simplex) Porina aenea Porina borreri Porina byssophila Porina byssophila Porina byssophila Porina chlorotica Porina chlorotica Porina ginzbergeri Porina ginzbergeri Porina leptalea Porina leptalea Porina linearis Porina linearis Porpidia cinereoatra Porpidia cinereoatra Porpidia crustulata Porpidia crustulata Porpidea macrocarpa Porpidea macrocarpa Porpidea macrocarpa Porpidia platycarpoides Porpidia platycarpoides Porpidia soredizodes Porpidia soredizodes Porpidia tuberculosa Porpidia tuberculosa Porpidia tuberculosa Protoblastenia calva Protoblastenia calva Protoblastenia incrustans Protoblastenia incrustans Protoblastenia lilacina Protoblastenia lilacina Protoblastenia rupestris Protoblastenia rupestris Protoparmeliopsis muralis (Lecanora muralis) Protoparmeliopsis muralis (Lecanora muralis) Pseudoschismatomma rufescens (Opegrapha rufescens) Psilolechia leprosa Psilolechia leprosa Psilolechia lucida Psilolechia lucida Pyrenodesmia alociza (Caloplaca alociza) Pyrenodesmia alociza (Caloplaca alociza) Pyrenula chlorospila Pyrenula macrospora Pyrrhospora quernea Pyrrhospora quernea

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