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Microscope images of lichenicolous fungi by spore type

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Telogalla olivieri Telogalla olivieri Telogalla olivieri Telogalla olivieri

Abrothallus Abrothallus Arthonia apotheciorum Arthonia apotheciorum Arthonia diploiciae Arthonia diploiciae Arthonia molendoi Arthonia molendoi Arthonia parietinaria Arthonia parietinaria Arthonia phaeophysciae Arthonia phaeophysciae Arthonia punctella Arthonia punctella Buellia lecanoricola Buellia lecanoricola Corticifraga fuckelii Corticifraga fuckelii Cyphelium sessile Cyphelium sessile Lichenochora obscuroides Lichenochora obscuroides Polycoccum slaptoniense Polycoccum slaptoniense Stigmidium congestum Stigmidium congestum Toninia episema Toninia episema Toninia subfuscae Toninia subfuscae Toninia verrucariae Toninia verrucariae Zwackhiomyces lithoiceae Zwackhiomyces lithoiceae Q Endococcus Q Endococcus Q Lichenostigma Q Lichenostigma

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Arthonia graphidicola Arthonia graphidicola Diplotomma murorum Diplotomma murorum Homostegia piggotii Homostegia piggotii Lecanographa grumulosa Lecanographa grumulosa Opegrapha physciaria Opegrapha physciaria Opegrapha rupestris Opegrapha rupestris Toninia subfuscae Toninia subfuscae Tubeufia heterodermiae Tubeufia heterodermiae Weddellomyces epicallopisma Weddellomyces epicallopisma

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Muriform and sub-muriform
Diplotomma murorum Diplotomma murorum Paranectria oropensis Paranectria oropensis

Multi-spored asci
Muellerella lichenicola Muellerella lichenicola Muellerella lichenicola

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Cladophialophora parmeliae Cladophialophora parmeliae Cladophialophora parmeliae Didymocyrtis cladoniicola Didymocyrtis cladoniicola Didymocyrtis foliaceiphila, Phoma foliaceiphila Didymocyrtis foliaceiphila Didymocyrtis cf melanelixiae Didymocyrtis cf melanelixiae Didymocyrtis ramalinae, anamorph Didymocyrtis ramalinae, anamorph Hawksworthiana peltigericola Hawksworthiana peltigericola Hawksworthiana peltigericola Illosporiopsis christiansenii Illosporiopsis christiansenii Intralichen christiansenii Intralichen christiansenii Intralichen lichenum Intralichen lichenum Laeviomyces pertusariicola Laeviomyces pertusariicola Lichenoconium lecanorae Lichenoconium lecanorae Lichenoconium lichenicola Lichenoconium lichenicola Lichenoconium xanthoriae Lichenoconium xanthoriae Lichenodiplis lecanorae Lichenodiplis lecanorae Lichenodiplis lichenicola Lichenodiplis lichenicola Milospium graphideorum Milospium graphideorum Psammina simplex Psammina simplex Psammina simplex Psammina simplex Vouauxiella lichenicola Vouauxiella lichenicola Vouauxiomyces truncatus (Abrothallus microspermus) Vouauxiomyces truncatus (Abrothallus microspermus) Xanthoriicola physciae Xanthoriicola physciae Q Didymocyrtis, anamorph Q Didymocyrtis, anamorph Q on Dirina massiliensis Q on Dirina massiliensis

Arrhenia peltigerina Arrhenia peltigerina Athelia arachnoidea Athelia arachnoidea Athelia arachnoidea Laetisaria lichenicola Laetisaria lichenicola Syzygospora bachmannii Syzygospora bachmannii Syzygospora bachmannii Syzygospora physciacearum Tremella tuckerae Tremella tuckerae Tremella tuckerae

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